Where should you invest £10,000?

If you’re lucky enough to have £10,000 to invest then you may well be wondering where to invest your money.

For many investors, investing for income and reinvesting this income means they benefit from the compound effect of the reinvested income earning its own income in years to come.

In an article in The Sunday Times, Maike Currie from Fidelity suggests splitting your £10,000 investment as follows.

  1. 40% (£4,000) into Newton Global Higher Income
  2. 30% (£3,000) into Artemis Income
  3. 20% (£2,000) into Henderson Preference and Bond Fund
  4. 10% (£1,000) into First State Global Listed Infrastructure

So what about you – where would you invest £10,000?


2 Replies to “Where should you invest £10,000?”

  1. £3000 into Raven Russia preference shares for high yield every Qtr but fixed.
    £3000 into Medicx fund Ditto but a growing dividend + Qtrly divi
    £2000 into Glaxo a growing dividend history + Qtrly divi
    £2000 into Catlin a growing well run company,a fair growing divi x2 per year

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