Shares magazine, 18th August 2011

Today’s Shares magazine leads with, “Where to stash your cash – 12 trades to beat volatile markets”. The article outlines the “big issues which now face investors” and Ross Mould and the Shares team “select 12 pick designed to shelter and augment the value of portfolios in the coming weeks and months”

Amongst the share tips in the magazine are:

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Shares magazine, an espresso and the FTSE100 on the rise

Thursday is Shares magazine day. So I’m going to settle down in my favourite armchair with my copy and an espresso.

But before I do, I’m pleased to see some blue on my portfolio screen this morning. The Dow fell sharply again last night and I thought that the FTSE100 may open below 5000. But it’s currently up 1.7% at 5091. But if the last week is anything to go by, this could easily be wiped out… Continue reading “Shares magazine, an espresso and the FTSE100 on the rise”

The blogs, websites and podcasts I rate

If I think back to when I first ventured into the world of shares, I find amazing just how much information is available at the fingertips of today’s investor.

Back when I first started buying and selling shares I subscribed to a service called ShareScope, which is still around today.
I seem to remember having to download a file at the end of the day which contained updates to news, share prices etc.

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Share Tips

By know you will have worked out that I’m an amateur (investor). So how will I be deciding which shares to buy?

Well for a few years now, I have been a subscriber to both Investors Chronicle and Shares magazines. They are a good starting point for me as (I assume) a lot of time has gone into the articles in the magazines and the share tips they make.
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