2012 Share Tips and some dividend re-investing

2012 Share Tips

This is the time of year when the financial magazines (Investors Chronicle, Shares etc.), brokers, newspapers and share tipsters suggest what shares we should all be buying for 2012.

You can trawl through the various newspapers, magazines and websites to find these 2012 share tips, or you can keep an eye on the 2012 share tips section of the ShareTips365 website. It’s being updated regularly as these 2012 share tips are announced.

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United Utilities and some more dividend income

I bought into United Utilities earlier this week for the yield. And today I increased that holding with a further purchase at 603.33p bringing muy average buying price down from 617p to 604.7p

I’m keen to buy more United Utilities shares, and will be watching the share price closely with a view to further purchases around the 540p level.

RSA Insurance Dividend

A nice dividend from RSA appeared in my trading account today. I’ll be looking to invest it tomorrow.

Ex Dividend Dates

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in investing in shares for dividend income, a list of up-coming ex dividend dates is regularly updated on the Amateur Investor website.

Monday morning trades…. Dividend reinvestment and a punt on a retailer

I’m going to be a bit busy this week, so won’t have as much time to devote to the Amateur Investor website as I would like. I am only an Amateur Investor, so making a living sometimes gets in the way of spending time on other projects such as this one.

Anyway, the Dividends are coming in thick and fast at the moment, so reinvesting them to make them start working as soon as possible has been a priority.

So today I made 4 small purchases.

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Another volatile day on the World’s stock markets

Well, the volatility on the FTSE (and around the world) continues. If my calculations are correct there was a 7% swing from the lowest to the highest FTSE100 level today!

The riots in London (and spreading to other major cities in England) is competing for space on the 24 hour news channels with the “rioting” taking place on stock markets.

I purchased more RSA and PNN for my HYP today. RSA goes ex-div tomorrow so I hope I’m in time to pick up the dividends for the extra shares bought today. I’m not entirely sure how far ahead of the ex-div date you need to purchase. Does buying within a Nominee account make any difference. See, I really am an Amateur Investor!

A quiet day of trading, relative to last week!

Only 4 trades today.

Purchases of BA., BAT, GSK and RSA – All for my HYP (high yield portfolio).

The FTSE100 is in free-fall at the moment. Shares purchased today are likely to be worth less tomorrow. Scary times for the Amateur Investor.

Topped up holdings in my shares ISA today also. Fidelity Enhanced Income Acc and Fidelity Enhanced Income Inc (bought both the Acc and the Inc version to see if there’s any long term difference).

I’ve still got a little cash to put into my HYP, so I’ll be on the lookout for more buying opportunities over the coming days.