Share Purchases – 8th February 2012

Apologies to regular readers of the Amateur Investor blog, I’ve been a bit quiet of late.

Since my last post I have received a number of dividends and today was the day I reinvested them.

First purchase was Clinton Cards (CC.) – not one for widows and orphans as I see this particular retailer as one of those where 2012 could be make or break for them.
We all would love to think that we are expert recovery stock pickers, in truth we are not.
Time will tell if today’s purchase at 10.95p turns out to be shrewd, or foolish!

Second purchase was Pennon (PNN). I’m already a holder but I took the opportunity to buy in again today at 693p.

Finally came Tesco (TSCO). Again, I’m already a holder of Tesco, but the recent fall in share price was too tempting to ignore. People will always have to eat (unless scientists invent a daily pill that will give us all the calories, vitamins and nutrients we need). Bought today at 330.0340p.

Another volatile day on the World’s stock markets

Well, the volatility on the FTSE (and around the world) continues. If my calculations are correct there was a 7% swing from the lowest to the highest FTSE100 level today!

The riots in London (and spreading to other major cities in England) is competing for space on the 24 hour news channels with the “rioting” taking place on stock markets.

I purchased more RSA and PNN for my HYP today. RSA goes ex-div tomorrow so I hope I’m in time to pick up the dividends for the extra shares bought today. I’m not entirely sure how far ahead of the ex-div date you need to purchase. Does buying within a Nominee account make any difference. See, I really am an Amateur Investor!

Tuesday continues as Monday ended

For the next few days my posts will probably consist of a summary post at the end of the trading day. I’m going to be making A LOT of trades this week, and I don’t really have time to detail them all (and you probably don’t have time to read about them all).

So today I made 12 trades in the likes of St James’s Place (STJ), AstraZeneca (AZN), Halfords (HFD), HSBC (HSBA), Pennon (PNN) and Cineworld (CINE).

More to come tomorrow, no doubt.