Share Tips for 2012

It’s at this time of year that we look at what shares the “experts” are tipping for 2012.

The likes of The Telegraph, The Times and The Independent all have articles on 2012 share tips. And Investors Chronicle, Shares magazine and Money Observer also join the party.

While investors shouldn’t blindly follow what the tipsters are tipping for 2012, it can be a useful starting point. You should carry out your own research to see if the shares being tipped for 2012 match your investment aims and profile.

And to save you time and effort, ShareTips365 has complied a list of share tips for 2012.

Link: Share tips for 2012

Happy New Year!

The week gets off to a flying start with a flurry of share purchases

A busy morning, with 13 share purchases so far.

Investors Chronicle magazine publishes a list of shares going ex-dividend in the “Week Ahead” section each Friday.

In order to further my quest to receive income of one form or another on every business day of the year, I like to scan down the list to see if there are any dividends I would like to be eligible for by buying in before the ex-dividend date (which is usually the Wednesday after the magazine comes out).

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Share Tips

By know you will have worked out that I’m an amateur (investor). So how will I be deciding which shares to buy?

Well for a few years now, I have been a subscriber to both Investors Chronicle and Shares magazines. They are a good starting point for me as (I assume) a lot of time has gone into the articles in the magazines and the share tips they make.
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