Where should you invest £10,000?

If you’re lucky enough to have £10,000 to invest then you may well be wondering where to invest your money.

For many investors, investing for income and reinvesting this income means they benefit from the compound effect of the reinvested income earning its own income in years to come.

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Investing For Income

Investing For Income - David Stevenson
Investing For Income

If you’ve read a few Amateur Investor blog entries you will know that my investing style is increasingly moving towards investing for income.

Having read a few blog posts (on the excellent Monevator website for instance – such as How to live off investment income), I decided I needed to invest in some reading material to help me improve my income seeking investment decisions from simply looking at the yield column of share price listing.

Enter Amazon. Don’t you just love Amazon!

One book caught my eye straight away….

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