A couple of small share sells

OK, OK. Before anyone says it, the share trading activities of the Amateur Investor have been pretty non-existent in recent months.

Since liquidizing most of my holdings when deciding not to renew the unlimited trading option on my Share Centre account, all trading activity has consisted of buying funds within a Fidelity ISA.

But the need for a little ready cash to pay off a credit card which has the expiry of a 0% interest offer looming on the horizon meant that I dipped an early toe into the 2013 markets.

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And finally…

Last trade of the week was a small purchase of Barclays (BARC) shares. Re-investing a dividend payment which appeared in my dealing account this morning.

Bought the extra shares at 153p, and they ended the day at 144p – Typical of my purchases recently!

Still got my eye on more Aviva (AV.) shares, but the news that the Government has confirmed a ban on insurers receiving referral fees from lawyers in personal injury cases has hit Insurers today. Admiral dropped 57p to 1,307p while Aviva ended down 18.1p at 302.7p (within spitting distance of the 300p level I said I would be interested in buying in at earlier this week).


And we all lived happily ever after…

Another day, another wild swing on the FTSE100. First it was up, then it was down, then it was up again. The difference between the low today and the high was around 200 points.

As I said in a previous post, I hope you day traders are having fun in this market.

The FTSE100 finished the day up 155.67 (3.11%) at 5162.83.
The FTSE250 closed up 2.52% (248.78 points) at 10139.74

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