So what shares were you buying today Amateur Investor?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I started the day buy tucking away a few Merchants Trust (MRCH) into my High Yield Portfolio (HYP). Over the last 3 years Merchants have paid out dividends representing a yield of 7.9% (2009), 6.8% (2010) and 5.6% (2011) so they seemed like a perfect addition to the HYP. They appear to pay out dividends quarterly. I managed to buy at 373.6p per share (including Stamp Duty).

Most of the other share purchases made today were to reduce the average buying price of already held shares.

The purchases were (figures in brackets show previous average buying price and new average buying price):

  • ITV (ITV) – (68.4p / 63.86p)
  • Dragon Oil (DGO) – (552p / 518p)
  • HSBC (HSBC) – (587.6p / 577.85p)
  • Ocado (OCDO) – (156.5p / 138.5p)
  • Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.) – (564p / 482p)
  • Caparo Energy (CEL) – (110p / 101.3p)
  • DB X-Trackers Ftse All Share (XASX) – (293p / 290.8p)

Despite Ocado shares having some bad press recently (Ocado shares slips closer to its all-time low), and negative broker comment, I wanted to buy a few more as they are quite volatile which could give me the opportunity to grab a quick profit.

The only other purchases made today were Michael Page International (MPI) and Pendragon (PDG).

MPI shares were hit recently, but the slide in share price could have been overdone. Both The Telegraph and The Independent rate the shares a Hold in today’s editions (Link: newspaper share tips).

Pendragon was a pure punt.

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