The blogs, websites and podcasts I rate

If I think back to when I first ventured into the world of shares, I find amazing just how much information is available at the fingertips of today’s investor.

Back when I first started buying and selling shares I subscribed to a service called ShareScope, which is still around today.
I seem to remember having to download a file at the end of the day which contained updates to news, share prices etc.

These days you can get live shares prices, news, graphs and the like.
Websites such as the BBC, Telegraph, The Motley Fool, MoneyAM and iii let you know what’s going on in the financial world – with just a mouse click (or trackpad/iPad point if I’m being “current”).

So which of these seemingly endless sources of information do I use regularly? Well, in no particular order:


  • Podcast from The Motley Fool
  • Podcast from Wake Up To Money
  •  FT Weekend podcast


  • MoneyAm
  • iii


  • Monevator – I said “no particular order”, but this is probably my fave blog at the moment
  • Simple Living in Suffolk
I will update this list when I’ve had a chance to go through my bookmarks.

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