Ex-Dividend Dates 2014

If you are a Dividend Investor investing for income then you might be interested in this page on which you can find a summary of upcoming (and an archive of historic) ex dividend dates.

The ex-dividend date is the first day a stock trades without the dividend attached. So if you’re interested in receiving the dividend, you must own the stock prior to the ex-dividend date. If you buy a stock on (or after) the ex-dividend date you are not qualified for the dividend, even though the dividend payment date might be some time in the future.
You can sell a stock on the ex-dividend date and still receive the dividends even though the payment date might be in the future.

You can see an archive of last year’s ex dividend dates on the 2013 ex dividend dates page.

Shares going ex-dividend on 11th December 2014

Archive of 2014 ex-dividend dates.

Shares going ex-dividend on 12th February 2014

Blackrock Income & Growth Investment Trust – 3.5p – Payment date 7 March
Future – 0.2p – Payment 14 March
Penna Consulting – 1.5p – Payment 14 March
Royal Dutch Shell ‘B’ – 27.17p – Payment 27 March
Royal Dutch Shell ‘ A’ – 27.17p – Payment 27 March
Sage – 7.44p – Payment 10 March

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