Would you like to take your dividend investing to the next level?

Regular readers will know about my passion for dividend investing.

Those little (or not so little) bits of money that keep being deposited into my share dealing account by kind and generous companies I own shares in.

I like to keep you all informed of up coming ex-dividend dates, but that’s about as far as I go.

For those of you with an interest in dividend investing, a new service I have been trialling might be of interest to you.

DividendMax provides “tools to identify high yielding stocks and shares which are an alternative to the very low yields being offered by savings accounts or government bonds”.

These tools consist of:


OptimizerMax identifies the highest yielding shares across different time frames. You can tailor the results to find which shares best match your investment timeframe.


CountdownMax shows upcoming dividends which are about to reach their Ex-Dividend date. While we already have details about up-coming ex-dividend dates on Amateur Investor, we generally only have date a week or two in advance. CountdownMax has a much longer time horizon than we do.


GeneratorMax helps you to identify future dividend payments and plan your income. Useful information includes income per £1000 invested.

All of the calculations of future dividends are based upon the average analysts forecasts.


Introductory pricing is available.

A monthly subscription costs £10 per month and annual subscriptions cost £100 per year.

If you are serious about Dividend Investing, a subscription to DividendMax could be the best investment you’ve made this year!

Link: DividendMax

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