Today’s share purchases

Today I bought some shares going ex-dividend on Wednesday and a few others that had been tipped recently

First on the list is Resolution which I purchased at 240p this morning.
Then came AGA at 240.45 and Agrekko at 2,199.8750p

Others bought for the impending dividend were:

ABM at 324.5p
BBA at 213.1726p
CTO at 53.24p
COST at 230.7750p
OFF at 161p
MCB at 125.78p
MCGN at 131.90p
MLIN at 123.12
NSH at 37p
SPX at 2206.65p
SOG at 94.9p
VTC at 679.32p
SN. at 606.4080p
PFC at 1,716.70p
TLW at 1,475.8750p
UTG at 180.8870p
KAZ at 885.3250p
HIK at 658.24p
IPF at 243.06p

Other share purchases today were:

BHP Billion at 1,917p bringing average purchase price down from 2,281p to 2,099p
MGNS at 677.31, going ex-dividend on 25 April
MIDD at 117.3850 (don’t think I have a FTSE250 ETF yet)
NWBD at 103.60p re-investing a recent payout
EMG at 106.88 reducing average buying price from 139.44p to 118.94p
UBI at 213.9150 – tipped in Investors Chronicle magazine on 13th April 2012 (Page 31)
LONR at 12.2195 – again, tipped in Investors Chronicle magazine on 13th April 2012 (Page 35)

I’m already a holder on LONR in my SIPP. And this holding is currently leading the SIPP risers, up over 150%

That’s it for today!

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