Today’s Share Purchases

As I posted yesterday, there are some fat dividends up for grabs this week, as long as you buy in before the shares in question go ex-dividend on Wednesday.

So today’s first share purchase was prompted by the list of shares going ex-dividend this week.

I’m already a holder of a couple of blocks of AstraZeneca (AZN) shares, but bought a few more today so that I will be entitled to the dividend of 123.6p which will be paid in March. Yes, the share price is likely to drop by a similar amount to the dividend payment when they go ex-dividend, but I like AZN and want to build up my holding. I hold AZN for the income, so a drop in share price balanced out by the payment of a 123.6p next month is fine in my book.

I shall look to continue building my AZN holding if the shares drop below 2,750p.

Second purchase today was Game Group (GMG). My existing holding has been battered by the retail doom and gloom, but I bought more shares today at 6.6p which brought my average buy price down to 12.396p – still way above the prevailing share price. I’m holding out for a recovery.

Final purchase today was Tesco (TSCO). Not exactly flavour of the month at the moment, which may well be a good reason to buy. As the saying goes, when everyone is selling it may be time to buy, and when everyone is buying it might be time to sell.


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  1. Interesting you bought into Tesco. Fortunately i sold my holding just before their recent profit warning. They seem good value but I just can’t help the feeling that this might be the start of a long slow decline for them. There seems to be so much ‘anti Tesco/big supermarket’ sentiment around these days….

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