The dividends keep rolling in

It seems like my share dealing account is being boosted by dividend income every other day at the moment.

Yesterday I received a dividend payment from BP and today it was ploughed back into the market with the purchase of Mwana Africa (MWA) and Xchanging (XCH).

Mwana Africa

Mwana Africa were tipped in Investors Chronicle magazine last week (see ShareTips365 for Investors Chronicle share tips and share tips from other sources).

IC rated the shares as a high-risk, speculative and long term. I bought in at 3.9p
Not one for widows and orphans, but one of those shares you buy, tuck away and forget about for a while.


I bought into Xchanging (XCH) back in August at 97p. I was immediately subjected to forum comments such as “bad move”, “I wouldn’t have bought them” and “steer clear”. Look at the share price chart and you will find it hard to disagree with their comments!

The shares have slid over 30% since my purchase, and being an eternal optimist I bought in again today at 64p. This reduced my average buying price from 97p to 80.5p

See you again in a few months time when I buy in again at below 50p!!!!


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