The deed is done. I’m now a “Premium Trader”!

As mentioned on a previous post, I decided to open a dealing account with The Share Centre and add their Premium Dealing option.

So first thing this morning I phoned customer services (having already opened a standard dealing account online) and asked for the Premium Dealing Option to be added.

After a few minutes of keyboard tapping at their end it was asked if they could phone me back in 5 minutes. The promised callback was received and they took my debit card details so that the £3,000 fee could be taken from my current account.

I was then told that the option has now been added to my account and was active immediately.

I logged into my account online and the “My summary” screen now displayed the following message,

 Your dealing option applies to all the above accounts.
The next payment will be collected on 1st August 2012

So that’s it, I’m now a Premium Trader. Let the trading begin…

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