Create your own FTSE Tracker – Part 2

In a post last week which I called Create your own FTSE tracker, I talked about buying one share in each of the FTSE100 Companies.

I didn’t think this would be cheap, but a quick scan down the share price pages of the Sunday papers told me this might be more expensive exercise that expected…

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Today’s Share Purchases

Four purchases today, all topping up existing holdings.

First came Admiral (ADM). A massive fall in the share price today tempted me to pick up a few more shares at 872.8p
I know it’s risky as the shares could fall further, but I’m always one for a “bargain”.

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A quick bit of dividend reinvestment

More incoming dividends have been reinvested by the Amateur Investor today.

First on the list was Vodafone (VOD), at 165.33p, to add the the existing Vodafone holding in the Amateur Investor High Yield Portfolio.

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Questor Income Tips

I listened to a short audio podcast on The Telegraph website earlier today called “Questor Income Tips“.

In the podcast, Garry White talks to Robert Miller about which companies offer the best dividends for hard-pressed investors.

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Don’t you just love technology?

Did you see the Stephen Fry programme last night on which he gave us, the geek viewing public, a run down of his top 100 gadgets?

I only watched the first hour, the rest is recorded on my Personal Video Recorder (PVR) which quite rightly made an appearance in the top 100, so don’t spoil the surprise by telling me what gadget sat proudly in the top slot. If I had to guess I would say it’ll probably be the iPod or the iPhone.

The programme got me thinking about how important gadgets and technology are to most of us.

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