4 shares and a fund purchase

It’s nearly the end of 2011 and the 2012 share tips are coming thick and fast. I am keeping an eye out for shares to buy for 2012 but, in the meantime, a few small purchases today.

Biome Technologies (BIOM)

Biome shares were tipped in Shares magazine yesterday (22/12) at 0.15p – talk about a penny share!

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Another day, another 22 share trades

Some pound cost averaging of AstraZeneca (AZN) kicked off today’s share purchases, followed by purchased of Cookson (CKSN), Devro (DVO) and Umeco (UMC) on the back of share tips in The Independent this morning.

Lots more pound cost averaging (i.e. trying to make the average price I’ve bought various share at cheaper as the price has been dropping) of PUB, OCDO, BPTY, XMCX, HSX, HSBA, BPI, HWDN, LOG and SGP.

I hope the term “pound cost averaging” doesn’t haunt me.