And the search for income continues

I came up with an ambitious plan earlier this week while compiling a list of income events like dividend payments and bank interest.

You know how the Amateur Investor loves income from savings and dividends – well what if I could receive at least one dividend or interest payment every day. Wouldn’t it be great to receive money every day!

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Ex-Dividend Dates

Regular readers of the Amateur Investor will know that investing for dividend income has quickly become an important part of my overall investing strategy.

I believe investing for income is largely overlooked by many investors (especially amateur investors), as they chase capital appreciation.

The big falls seen on stock markets around the world over the last couple of weeks will have resulted in many portfolios looking less than healthy. But if you are investing for income then you probably haven’t had as many sleepless nights as those investing for growth. Indeed, income investors may well have used the late “summer sale” to stockpile more income producing shares at rock bottom prices (therefore increasing the dividend yield in theory).

While the likes of Investors Chronicle list shares approaching their ex-dividend date (usually at the back of the magazine) I wondered if anyone had come across a source of ex-dividend dates for all shares listed on the FTSE?

I would like to have dividends rolling in on a weekly basis (if possible), and so a list of ex-dividend dates would be useful in facilitating this.

Can anyone help with this please?