High Yield Portfolio – Update

I’ve been looking around for a another potential member of the Amateur Investor High Yield Portfolio family. The portfolio currently has 16 holdings, including the likes of Vodafone, Royal Dutch Shell, GSK, Centrica, RSA Insurance and Astrazeneca but to me, diversification feels the right thing to do.

So this lunchtime I made my decision…

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Another addition to the High Yield Portfolio

The Amateur Investor made another addition to the High Yield Portfolio today. After yesterday’s addition of Admiral I decided to go defensive again.

With Autumn and Winter just around the corner, before we know it we’ll be putting the central heating back on again so I decided to look for a company that would benefit from a harsh winter like the last two winters we have experienced.

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Shares magazine, an espresso and the FTSE100 on the rise

Thursday is Shares magazine day. So I’m going to settle down in my favourite armchair with my copy and an espresso.

But before I do, I’m pleased to see some blue on my portfolio screen this morning. The Dow fell sharply again last night and I thought that the FTSE100 may open below 5000. But it’s currently up 1.7% at 5091. But if the last week is anything to go by, this could easily be wiped out… Continue reading

Another volatile day on the World’s stock markets

Well, the volatility on the FTSE (and around the world) continues. If my calculations are correct there was a 7% swing from the lowest to the highest FTSE100 level today!

The riots in London (and spreading to other major cities in England) is competing for space on the 24 hour news channels with the “rioting” taking place on stock markets.

I purchased more RSA and PNN for my HYP today. RSA goes ex-div tomorrow so I hope I’m in time to pick up the dividends for the extra shares bought today. I’m not entirely sure how far ahead of the ex-div date you need to purchase. Does buying within a Nominee account make any difference. See, I really am an Amateur Investor!

More share purchases, and cashing in an ISA

Today started off with more purchases of companies I’ve already taken positions in this week, but with the market continuing to fall I’ve taken advantage of picking up “cheaper” shares.

Is this a good idea? I’m reminded of the phrase “catching a falling knife”. Continue reading