Some more dividend reinvesting

I decided to reinvest some recent dividend payments this morning and first on the list was GAME (GMG).

Game (GMG)

I’ve bought Game Group shares a few times recently so that I would be eligible to receive the dividend payment being paid on 17th November (ex-dividend on 19th October).

Since the shares went ex-dividend they have slipped below 20p so I decided to top-up my holding.

Now Game are the speculative section of my portfolio. It’s tough in the retail market, and they forecast yield of 23.5% (according to the Share Centre) probably reflects this. Will Game even be in business next year?

There are some high-profile game releases coming up, as well as new consoles on the horizon and, of course, the Christmas buying frenzy – so we could be looking back at the current share price next year wishing we’d piled in and put the family silver into Game shares. On the other hand we could be looking at an even lower share price or a company that’s gone out of business.

Online retailers must have taken a big chunk of the computer and console game buying pie, but my local Game shop has been busy in recent weeks so hopefully there are still enough people buying from an old-fashioned shop. How quaint…

Royal Dutch Shell

Already a holder of RDSB, I purchased again today at 2,233p

Go-Ahead Group

Go-Ahead provides integrated public transport through bus operations and commuter train services and has a forecast yield of 5.8% for 2012. Forecast dividend is 81.29p and they have paid out dividends of 81p in each of the last 4 years.

I bought in at 1,322p, so the forecast 2012 dividend of 81.29p actually represents a yield of 6.15%

Apparently, Go-Ahead has approximately 6% of the entire UK public transport market.


What self respecting dividend investor doesn’t have Vodafone (VOD) in their portfolio?

More purchased for the high yield portfolio today at 174.33p

Home Retail Group

Yes I probably need my bumps feeling, but my final purchase today was Home Retail Group (HOME), one of the UK’s leading home retailers with two distinct brands. Argos and the UK’s second largest DIY chain, Homebase.

A look at the six month share price chart shows a downward path any adventurous downhill skier would be chomping at the bit to tame.

2012 forecast dividend yield is 9.5%, dropping to 7.8% for 2013 (source: The Share Centre).

The shares go ex-dividend on 9th November with 4.7p per share due to be paid on 18th January 2012.

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