Shares magazine, an espresso and the FTSE100 on the rise

Thursday is Shares magazine day. So I’m going to settle down in my favourite armchair with my copy and an espresso.

But before I do, I’m pleased to see some blue on my portfolio screen this morning. The Dow fell sharply again last night and I thought that the FTSE100 may open below 5000. But it’s currently up 1.7% at 5091. But if the last week is anything to go by, this could easily be wiped out…

I read a few blog postings about Preference Shareslast night. Apparently, Nat West has one which pays 9% (NWBD). And the price this morning is 100p, so that’s 9p per share in income. I need to do a bit more research to see if it’s worth putting some of them into my High Yield Portfolio… Does anyone else have some tucked away?

Anyway, my coffee machine is calling… as is Shares magazine.
If you don’t have your copy yet, catch up with Shares magazine share tips on ShareTips365

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