Share Tips

By know you will have worked out that I’m an amateur (investor). So how will I be deciding which shares to buy?

Well for a few years now, I have been a subscriber to both Investors Chronicle and Shares magazines. They are a good starting point for me as (I assume) a lot of time has gone into the articles in the magazines and the share tips they make.

As well as these magazines I read the business sections of the newspapers and especially Questor share tip in The Telegraph and Tempus share tips in The Times.

Finally, now and then I read MoneyWeek magazine. Published on a Friday, MoneyWeek is great for catching up on the week’s financial news (there’s a good section on what’s been tipped during the week if you’ve missed what the newspapers and magazines have been tipping). I may well consider a subscription to MoneyWeek magazine.

So, these printed publications are a constant source of ideas for me – as they will continue to be in my forthcoming journey as the Amateur Investor.

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