Say goodbye to the rest of Bwin.Party and hello to more Segro shares

In a recent post I wrote that I’d decided to cash some of the profit made on my Bwin.Party shares. Well, hearing the old maxim “buy on the rumour, sell on the news” I decided to part with the rest of the shares to lock in a healthy profit.

News that Bwin have launched a number of online poker and casino games in Denmark might sound like good news, but I believe that competition in Denmark is tough with nearly 40 operators chasing relatively few people.

So while the long-term might look bright for Bwin, I decided to sell my remaining holding at 170.5p


I bought a couple of lots of Segro (SGRO) at the end of 2011. The first for 213.5p at the end of November, and the second for 200p on 21st December.

Some dividend income from GlaxoSmithKline was sitting in my dealing account so this was quickly put back into the market with the purchase of more Segro – this time at 204p.

This means my average buying price to date is 207.75p  and forecast dividend yield is currently 7.1%

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