My first trade as a “Premium Trader”

So, just to test that this Premium Trading thing was working properly I decided to make a small trade….

I deposited £5 (yes, £5 – this is high-stakes trading!) using The Share Centre’s online deposit option. The reason I deposited only £5 was because if the Premium Trader option hadn’t been activated properly then my first share purchase would fail as there wasn’t enough in my account to settle the deal.

So to which company did I bestow the honour of being my first investment as the Amateur Investor? Barclays (BARC). For no particular reason, other than that’s where my first £5 deposit into my share account had come from.

So I placed an order for 1 share or BARC at best price. The quote came back at 224.5880p and I hit the buy button. After a couple of seconds the trade was confirmed a 225p (plus 1p stamp duty) WITH NOT DEALING COMMISSIONS.

This is it, let the floodgates now open…

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