Just a couple of small share purchases today

What with trying to make a living and tackling banks over bank charges, only had time for a couple of small share purchases today.

Lloyds Banking Group

OK, so some people would just say I should have gone outside and put the money down the drain, but my first purchase today was an addition to my Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) holding. This purchase at 24.1875p took my average buying price down to 27.25p from 33.375p

Triple Plate Junction

If I’m honest, I can’t remember why I first put money into Triple Plate Junction (TPJ), an AIM-listed company which explores for gold in Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

I suspect it was a newspaper or magazine share tip. And as an Amateur Investor, I believe everything I read in the press and follow all share tips without conducting my own reearch (OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure many amateur investors will know what I’m talking about).

The share price has drifted lower recently, so today’s purchase at 4.62p (doubling my original holding) reduced the average buying price from 5.2689p to 4.9434p

I read something a while ago which recommended not buying too many different shares as you risk losing focus.

I can relate to that!

Off to read up on Triple Plate Junction now…

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