It’s oh so quiet…

After the chaos that has reigned on the World’s stock markets over the last few days, it’s nice to be able to report that the FTSE 100 is down ONLY 4.55 points (0.09%) a the time of writing.

The Dow Jones ended its session up 429.92 points (3.98%) last night and the Nasdaq up 124.83 (5.29%).

In Tokyo the Nikkei 225 finished up 94.26 at 9038.74 (a more modest 1.05%).

So what of the FTSE?

Well the FTSE quickly recorded strong gains this morning which major shares showing low single digit percentage improvements. But the FTSE quickly gave up these gains, at around 9:30 was almost back at yesterday’s closing level. It currently stands at 6091.33 (up just 0,01%).

Top 5 winners are Standard Life (up 11.66%), Man Group (up 7.22%), Burberry Group (up 4.60%), Weir Group (up 3.99%) and Aviva (up 3.20%).

Biggest loser is Essar Energy, down 13.6p (4.53%).

So as the markets take a breather, so do I. For this first time since embarking on my role of Amateur Investor I haven’t dealt today… not sure if I will.

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