I should take my own advice sometimes

A couple of days ago I wrote that I wish I’d put more money into Thomas Cook.

In the post I noted that my two purchases were showing VERY healthy gains as a result of buying on bad news and watching the share price rise on news that Thomas Cook had reached an agreement with its bankers.

I said I was tempted to lock in some of these profits with the share price sitting at a shade under 21.5p.

Well I should have done just that… right?

Thomas Cook shares have drifted lower this week and they currently stand at 16.98p. That’s still nearly 6p higher than I paid for one block of shares (which are currently showing a profit of 56%, but almost 2p lower than I paid for another block (which show a loss of just under 9%).

So should I have given in to temptation and sold on Monday? At this moment I would say ‘yes’. I could have doubled my money in less than a week.

I could still sell today and make an overall profit of 50%, but to be honest my exposure to Thomas Cook shares isn’t that big so I think I’ll just sit tight. I might regret that decision, and if I do then feel free to throw rotten tomatoes at me and ridicule me as the Amateur Investor that I am.


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