6 Replies to “Don’t you want my custom?”

  1. Good try AI!

    I was hoping it would end better for you but since it didn’t, I’m going to stay put for a while too.

    I have transferred savings accounts previously but it was all a lot of hassle. Even the internet ones where you then have to send in paperwork to prove you aren’t money laundering £500!


    1. @TheMoneyGrower – I actually took a deep breath and tried the application again (having to “fudge” the first name field again) and this time the application seemed to go OK.

      I now have to wait up to seven days to hear from them…

      The Lloyds TSB Classic Account with Vantage is going to be a great way to hold some easy access cash, at the same time as earning 3.00% gross, but what a palaver!

        1. Well it’s now been a couple of days since I fought my way through the application process for a LloydsTSB Vantage current account and I haven’t heard a thing from them. Not email and nothing in the post. I think they state 7 days at the end of the application process so I should hear from them by the end of next week…


  2. Well, I received some paperwork this morning relating to my new LloydsTSB Classic Account with Vantage. It asked me to take a copy of my driving license into my local branch so that they could verify my identity.

    I duly obliged and the documents are now winging their way back to the Bank so that the account can be activated.

    Nearly there…

    1. At some point on Tuesday 6th September my new LloydsTSB Vantage account was added to my existing internet banking service, and I’ve managed to transfer some money in from another account.

      So although the application process wasn’t exactly smooth, the account is now up and running within 7 days. Not bad at all.

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