Dividend Re-Investing

Some more dividend income has come the way of the Amateur Investor, so rather that have the money sat in my share trading account I made 4 share purchases today.

United Utilities

The economic doom and gloom got to me today, and defensives looked like to only place to re-invest my recent dividend income.

First on the list was United Utilities (UU.) who manages and operates the regulated electricity distribution, water and wastewater networks in north west England.

Forecast dividend yield for the year ending 31 March 2012 is currently 5.2%

I bought in at 617p, so watch them drop below 600p by the end of the week!


Next came Segro (SGRO), a building and development group. They were tipped in Investors Chronicle at the end of last week. And like an Amateur Investor I followed blindly and took their advice!

Forecast yield for 2012 is 6.8% and I bought in at 213.5p per share (including stamp duty).

National Grid

Another defensive investment. I already hold National Grid (NG.) in a couple of portfolios and this purchase actually increased my average buying price very slightly. Today’s purchase was made at 640p.

Forecast dividend yield for year ending 31 March 2012 is 6.1%, rising to 6.4% the following year.


Final purchase of the day was Centrica (CNA) at 290p

The majority of Brokers rate National Grid a Strong Buy (according to ShareCentre.com data). Forecast dividend yield for 2012 is 5.7%

That’s it for today from a doom and gloom laden Amateur Investor.

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