Share Tips for 2015

If you’re interested to hear which shares are being tipped for 2015, head over to the ShareTips365 website which now has a 2015 share tips section.

2014 Share Tips

It’s around this time of year that we begin to read about which shares are being tipped for the coming year.

We are currently collating these share tips for 2014 and will bring you details over the coming days and weeks.

Some 2013 share tips from The Sunday Times

The Money section of The Sunday Times (on 16th December) printed an article called “Portfolio tips for a happy new year”.

In the article, Ali Hussain wrote that professional investors are looking to profit from smaller companies, a resurgent America and technological advantages in 2013.

You can view a summary of the share and fund tips for 2013 mentioned in the article on the Sunday Times 2013 share tips page of the ShareTips365 website.

2013 Share Tips

The 2013 share tipping season is upon us and we are about to be bombarded with a host of share tips for 2013. Newspaper share tips including Questor in The Telegraph and Tempus in The Times, financial magazine share tips including MoneyWeek, Money Observer and Investors Chronicle, broker share tips, they all get in on the act.

But you haven’t go time to trawl all of the relevant publications to see what the experts are tipping for 2013, have you?

That’s where ShareTips365 comes in.

ShareTips365 collates newspaper and magazine share tips throughout the year, and builds a special section at the end of the year to summarise which shares and funds are being tipped for the new year.

This year is no exception and the 2013 share tips section has now been added.

So head over to the ShareTips365 share tips website to she which shares you should be buying for 2013.

Share Tips for 2012

It’s at this time of year that we look at what shares the “experts” are tipping for 2012.

The likes of The Telegraph, The Times and The Independent all have articles on 2012 share tips. And Investors Chronicle, Shares magazine and Money Observer also join the party.

While investors shouldn’t blindly follow what the tipsters are tipping for 2012, it can be a useful starting point. You should carry out your own research to see if the shares being tipped for 2012 match your investment aims and profile.

And to save you time and effort, ShareTips365 has complied a list of share tips for 2012.

Link: Share tips for 2012

Happy New Year!