My first trade as a “Premium Trader”

So, just to test that this Premium Trading thing was working properly I decided to make a small trade….

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The deed is done. I’m now a “Premium Trader”!

As mentioned on a previous post, I decided to open a dealing account with The Share Centre and add their Premium Dealing option.

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And the winner is…

So the quest for a new online broker is complete.

As I embark on my new venture as the Amateur Investor, I want to be able to concentrate on investing and not be worrying about dealing commissions and other fees. I envisage I will be a regular trader, and regular trading usually means regular dealing commissions!

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Cheap Online Share Dealing

In my quest to make my hard earned money work as hard as possible, I need to find a cheap online broker so that the dealing fees I incur have the minimum effect on my portfolio’s profitability.

As I mentioned in a previous post, dealing fees can eat into your capital, so the less I spend buying and selling shares, the more money I have to invest.
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Finding an online broker

So first things first. If I’m going to embark on my new life as an amateur investor, I need to find an online broker.

I already have online accounts with Hargreaves Lansdown (for my SIPP) and Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (N&P) for general share dealing, but I’ve decided that I’m going to open a new account with an online broker.
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