Stock markets end another turbulent week with more losses

The FTSE100 has closed down just over 1% to end the week at 5040.76 after spending some of the day below the 5000 level.

Autonomy was the outstanding winner today, up over 70% as the market digests the news that it has agreed to be bought by US giant Hewlett Packard. The biggest purchase of a FTSE100 company since Kraft took over Cadbury.

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And we all lived happily ever after…

Another day, another wild swing on the FTSE100. First it was up, then it was down, then it was up again. The difference between the low today and the high was around 200 points.

As I said in a previous post, I hope you day traders are having fun in this market.

The FTSE100 finished the day up 155.67 (3.11%) at 5162.83.
The FTSE250 closed up 2.52% (248.78 points) at 10139.74

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I had to open my big mouth, didn’t I

Well the FTSE100 has given up its earlier gains, as have the Dax and the Cac 40. I think I might copy that last sentence to my clipboard, as I can see I might be using it again!

The FTSE100 is currently trading up 40.94 (or 0.82%) at 5048.10 having been up more than double that in earlier trading. The index has bounced off a low-point (around 11am) and is currently trading in a narrow range. It feels like it’s getting ready to drop again.

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It’s oh so quiet…

After the chaos that has reigned on the World’s stock markets over the last few days, it’s nice to be able to report that the FTSE 100 is down ONLY 4.55 points (0.09%) a the time of writing.

The Dow Jones ended its session up 429.92 points (3.98%) last night and the Nasdaq up 124.83 (5.29%).

In Tokyo the Nikkei 225 finished up 94.26 at 9038.74 (a more modest 1.05%).

So what of the FTSE?

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