This page introduces a selection of personal finance and investing books you may find of interest. You will find books on stock markets, investing in shares, personal finance and much more, which may include The Naked Trader, The Intelligent Investor, Investing in Shares for Dummies, Smarter Investing, Making Money from Stocks and Shares, The Financial Times Guide to Investing and Financial Times Guide to Selecting Shares That Perform.

Whether you are new to investing, you are an enthusiastic amateur investor or you are a seasoned stock market professional, we’re sure you will find something for you.

As well as printed versions, many of the books on this page are available for the Kindle. And we may have sprinkled in a few “off-topic” books for you to discover.

We will be regularly working on this page to bring you the books we think you will like.

And if you’ve read a investing related book you think we should feature on this page, please let me know.

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