Anyway, that’s enough about property investing, back to the plot.

Earlier I posted about a visit I’d made today to see a property for sale in Avebury, Wiltshire. Well after that brief departure from the task in hand, back to being an Amateur Investor.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook (TCG) shares have had a torrid day. I just hope none of you are big holders of their shares at the moment.

Anyway, always one to run towards a rampaging crowd coming in my direction (or Contrarian Investor as I like to dress it up as) I decided to put a small amount of money into Thomas Cook.

The first block were bought for 18.83p first thing this morning, then came the trip to Avebury, and when I got back I bought a few more shares at 11p. Average buying price stands at 16.22p

Call me foolish, but I didn’t commit too much money… let’s see what happens over the coming days.

Fidelity ISA

Also made a smallish contribution to my 2011/12 Fidelity ISA. The Fidelity Moneybuilder Income (Gross) fund pays monthly dividends and the majority of this year’s ISA allowance is invested in these units. More were purchased today before they go ex-dividend next week.

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