An addition to my High Yield Portfolio (HYP)

Today I have made a small addition to my High Yield Portfolio (HYP).

I’ve bought a few shares in Merchants (MRCH) at 371.85p – Seems to also be known as Merchants Trust.

The Share Centre company overview for Merchants Trust says:

“Merchant aims to provide an above average level of income and growth combined with long term growth of capital via a policy of investing primarily in higher yielding UK ‘blue chip’ FTSE 100 companies.”

Having looked at their fundamentals, it would appear that Merchants pay dividends quarterly, the last two payments being 5.7p

With the shares at 371p (and assuming the total payments for the year were 5.7p per quarter, a total of 22.8p for the year), that’s a yield of over 6%.

A perfect addition to my High Yield Portfolio… I hope.

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