A quick look at what’s going ex-dividend this week

As you may know, a new page was added to Amateur Investor recently to bring you details of shares going ex-dividend.

The ex-dividend date is important as it’s the first day a stock trades without the dividend attached. So if you want to receive the latest dividend then you need to buy shares before the ex-diviend date.

A quick look down the list of shares going ex-dividend on Wednesday resulted in the first share purchase this week…

And the purchase in question was Interior Services Group (ISG) which is due to pay a final dividend of 10.65p on 18 November 2011. This comes after an interim dividend of 4.41p was paid on 19 April 2011, a total dividend for the year of 15.06p. This is forecast to rise to 15.65p next year.

I bought Interior Services shares this morning for 185.4p (including stamp duty), so the forecast dividend for 2012 represents a forecast yield of 8.44%

Pre=tax profits for 2011 were £9.04m, forecast to rise to £9.21m in 2012 (earnings per share going from 27.03p to 27.60p).

Another day, another dividend.

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