A quick bit of dividend reinvestment

More incoming dividends have been reinvested by the Amateur Investor today.

First on the list was Vodafone (VOD), at 165.33p, to add the the existing Vodafone holding in the Amateur Investor High Yield Portfolio.

Next came a purchase of Legal and General (LGEN) at 97.94p – I think this stock is “cheap” at the moment. And they are on a forecast yield for 2012 of 7.3%

Finally, a few Dotdigital (DOTD) shares were bought to add to the holding in my speculative portfolio. Dotdigital has had a few positive mentions in the press recently, but it’s not one for widows and orphans!

I say finally, but I also purchased some more Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income (Gross) within the Amateur Investor ISA held with Fidelity. I like this particular holding as it generates monthly income within the Fidelity ISA wrapper, and readers know how much I like income generating investments. It’s currently yielding over 4%.


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