A new addition to the High Yield Portfolio, and shares going ex-dividend next week (14th December)

A few dividend payments turned up in my dealing account today from Stobart Group, BSKYB, Balfour Beatty and Barclays.

I decided to put the dividends into a new addition to the High Yield Portfolio, MedicX Fund (MXF).

MedicX Fund

I must admit to being oblivious to MXF before reading about them in the Tips section of Investors Chronicle today (link: Investors Chronicle tips and newspaper share tips for 9th December).

MedicX owns properties leased to the NHS, mainly doctors’ surgeries. So the income is perceived to be reliable and stable. But NHS belt-tightening could be a concern for potential shareholders.

According to the article in IC, the government wants to make ‘family doctors’ rather than hospitals the centre of the system. This should “push more healthcare to GP’s surgeries” and that will “require higher-spec buildings, which should command juicier rents” says the IC.

Dividends totalling 5.6p are forecast to be paid for the year ending 30th September 2012. So today’s purchase at 74.85p represents a yield of 7.48%

Ex-Dividend Dates

A list of shares going ex dividend on 14th December has been added to the ex dividend dates page. Among them are United Utilities who are due to pay 10.67p per share on 1st February 2012.

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