A Few Friday Share Purchases

I used some dividend income again today to purchase some “free” shares (you know how much I LOVE free shares)…

The first two purchases were shares I already hold in my High Yield Portfolio, and I took to opportunity to use the dividend income to reduce the average cost paid for Aviva (AV.) and Vodafone (VOD). The third purchase was prompted by positive comments in today’s Investors Chronicle magazine (view today’s Investors Chronicle share tips here).


My existing average cost per share was 380.6p, and with today’s purchase at 330p my average buying price was reduced to 372.17p


Existing average cost per share for Vodafone was 170.71p, which reduced to 168.6p after buying more Vodafone shares today.

Triple Plate Junction

I originally purchased Triple Plate Junction (TPJ) on the very first day of my journey as the Amateur Investor on 1/8/2011. The shares were tipped by Investors Chronicle magazine on page 35 of the 22nd July 2011 issue. I purchased them at 6.02p per share. Since then they have drifted lower (hasn’t everything in my portfolio!), and I purchased more on 5th August at 4.72p, reducing my average cost from 6.02p to 5.37p

Investors Chronicle said today that “these shares remain a buy”, so I decided to pick up a few more at 4.66p to reduce my average cost per share from 5.37p to 5.269p

That’s it for this week. In fact, I’ve just realised I’m now into my second month as the Amateur Investor. August was hard. Let’s hope September is less so.


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