A couple of small share sells

OK, OK. Before anyone says it, the share trading activities of the Amateur Investor have been pretty non-existent in recent months.

Since liquidizing most of my holdings when deciding not to renew the unlimited trading option on my Share Centre account, all trading activity has consisted of buying funds within a Fidelity ISA.

But the need for a little ready cash to pay off a credit card which has the expiry of a 0% interest offer looming on the horizon meant that I dipped an early toe into the 2013 markets.

The markets surged yesterday, the first trading day in the UK since America was yanked (forgive the pun) back from the “fiscal cliff”, and finished at a level not seen for some time. So today was as good a time as any to sell a couple of holdings from within a little used N&P share dealing account (and in one case, lock in a healthy profit to boot).

First sale was Barclays (BARC). Just about broke even on this holding, thanks to a share price which has been climbing for some months to a level not seen since the summer of 2011.

So bye bye Barclays. Sold at 275.936p.

The second share sale was altogether more profitable. The company in question being Beazley PLC (BEZ). A selling price of 181.97p translates into a profit of over 50%.

I may live to regret this sale – the share price has been on an upward trend for over a year – but I’d rather lock in a nice healthy profit if I have to sell a share holding, than lock in a loss.

Perhaps I’ve fallen into the typical “Amateur Investor” of not “holding winners” and “cutting losers”.

Time will tell.

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