A break from the old routine

Today, the Amateur Investor focus moved from high yield shares to high yield funds. A break from the old routine you could say.

I have a shares ISA with Fidelity and like to drip-feed money into this account over the year.

As with the Amateur Investor High Yield Portfolio, the main theme of the Fidelity ISA is income generation. To that end I purchased further units in Fidelity Moneybuilder Income (Gross) and Marlborough High Yield Fixed Interest Fund.

The Fidelity Moneybuilder Income (Gross) Fund pays out a monthly dividend, which I have chosen to re-invest back into further units of the fund. As readers will know, regular income is something I look for whenever possible as it gives me a psychological boost seeing the income rolling in, and it’s another day in the month on which I can look forward to an income payment.

Finally today, I bought a few more Premium Bonds. Not exactly the best way of investing money, but it beats playing the lottery in my opinion.

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