5 Share Purchases today

A total of 5 share purchases today.

Tesco, Greene King, Marston’s, Symphony Environmental Technologies and Aberdeen Asset Management.

Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management (ADN) shares were bought for the dividend income. Average buying price today was 211.67p.

Share Centre fundamentals show a forecast dividend for year ending 30/9/2012 of 9.55p
That’s a 4.51% yield


Today’s purchase of Tesco (TSCO) at 390.5p was an addition to my existing Tesco holding which brought down my average buying price from 409p to 399.75p

Greene King

Greene King (GNK) shares go ex-dividend on 21st December, so today’s purchase at 469p means I’ll pick up the 6.7p dividend when it’s paid on 27th January 2012


Just after buying some Greene King shares I read (can’t remember where) an “expert” commenting that he preferred Marston’s (MARS) over Greene King. MArston’s were actually on my watchlist, so this prompted me to buy in at 94p

Forecast dividend for year ending 30th September 2012 is 5.95p, or a yield of 6.33% based on today’s buying price.

Symphony Environmental Technologies

If I’m honest I cannot remember why I decided to purchase more Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) shares today! (note to self: make notes when trading!)

Anyway, today’s purchase at 5.92p reduced the average buying price from 7.933p to 7.037p

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