2020 – A year to forget

Here we are. Autumn has made an appearance, and 2020 is fizzling out like a wet firework.

I read a joke recently, it went something like this…

“Turns out when that interviewer asked you 5 years ago where you saw yourself in 5 years, you were wrong!”

Heading into 2020 no-one expected 6 months of lockdown, millions of people on furlough (most of us didn’t even know what the word meant), billions wiped of investment portfolios, and that mobile phone shops would barricade their doorways and ask us to sanitise our grubby hands before touching their latest smartphones!

Did you spend lockdown, working, learning, or watching TV?

Some of us sat on our rears watching Netflix, some crammed in as much online training as possible, so of us pulled our hair our whilst home-schooling and some of up started making friends with cockroaches incase they became our only companions.

It’s now September, and as we stare down the barrel of another lockdown, it’s high time the Amateur Investor resurfaced…

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