2013 Share Tips

The 2013 share tipping season is upon us and we are about to be bombarded with a host of share tips for 2013. Newspaper share tips including Questor in The Telegraph and Tempus in The Times, financial magazine share tips including MoneyWeek, Money Observer and Investors Chronicle, broker share tips, they all get in on the act.

But you haven’t go time to trawl all of the relevant publications to see what the experts are tipping for 2013, have you?

That’s where ShareTips365 comes in.

ShareTips365 collates newspaper and magazine share tips throughout the year, and builds a special section at the end of the year to summarise which shares and funds are being tipped for the new year.

This year is no exception and the 2013 share tips section has now been added.

So head over to the ShareTips365 share tips website to she which shares you should be buying for 2013.

Author: Amateur Investor

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3 thoughts on “2013 Share Tips”

  1. My 2013 share tip would be China Food Company Plc currently about 16 pence per share the stock has be dragged down by a prolonged disposal. Once these issues are cleared you have a stong soya sauce business is a vast growth market. China Food could easily reach 90 pence per share in 1 months strong buy.

  2. Thanks Jon I’m going for China Food Company as a 2013 share tip too dones some research and it looks fantastic value at this level!
    Plus the following
    Max Property Group Plc
    CLS Holdings Plc
    Newbury Racecourse Plc
    All should return good profits for the year!

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