Today’s share purchases

Bought Huntsworth (HNT) at 45.35p reducing average buying cost from 64.7p to 51.8p

Bought more Tesco (TSCO) at 319.5p reducing average cost per share from 374.3p to 367p

Followed up the recent purchase of Dominio’s Pizza (DOM) with more at 448p reducing the average buy price from 480p to 464p

Finally, purchased more Biome Technologies (BIOM) shares at 0.161p which increased average buying price from 0.158p to 0.16p

Is this GAME over?

Breaking news today about troubled high street retailer GAME GROUP (GMG).

Apparently Electronic Arts has said that they have stopped supplying supplying the high street chain after falling out over “credit terms”

It means Game may no longer receive Mass Effect 3, the largest game of the year so far, or other March releases.

As a holder of GMG shares, I’ll be following this story as it develops.

Another 9 share purchases today

In the words of Frank from Brightwells, “let’s get on with the business”…

Bought Centrica (CNA) at 296.4p reducing average buying price slightly from 297.4p to 296.9p

Bought Capita (CPI) at 656p following positive comment in today’s Investors Chronicle magazine. This is the first time I’ve purchased CPI.

Bought Picton Property Income (PCTN) at 42.2p – Dividend play

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A bit of ISA topping up

The end of the 2011/12 ISA year is approaching (April 5th) and I still have some money to invest before I reach the limit of £5,340 in the shares element of my ISA (I’ve already subscribed £5,340 to a cash ISA).

So today I purchased some Fidelity MoneyBuilder Dividend and Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus Acc units.

I will be looking to make more purchases within my Fidelity ISA wrapper over the coming days and weeks.

Today’s Share Purchases

As I posted yesterday, there are some fat dividends up for grabs this week, as long as you buy in before the shares in question go ex-dividend on Wednesday.

So today’s first share purchase was prompted by the list of shares going ex-dividend this week.

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Snap up some big dividends in the next few days

A quick look at the list of shares going ex-dividend on 15th February shows us that some big names including AstraZeneca, Unilever and Royal Dutch Shell go ex-div on Wednesday.

AstraZeneca will pay 123.6p per share on 19th March 2012 to shareholders, while Royal Dutch Shell ‘B’ shareholders will receive 26.5p per share on 23rd March.

For a list of shares going ex-dividend, visit the ex dividend dates page.

What’s your Credit Rating?

Do you know what your “credit rating” is?

Do you wonder why you keep getting turned down for credit cards, store cards, personal loans or mortgages?

It could be that your credit rating is sending shivers down the spines of lenders who fear that you may be unable to repay what you borrow.

But what exactly is a credit rating?

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Share Purchases – 8th February 2012

Apologies to regular readers of the Amateur Investor blog, I’ve been a bit quiet of late.

Since my last post I have received a number of dividends and today was the day I reinvested them.

First purchase was Clinton Cards (CC.) – not one for widows and orphans as I see this particular retailer as one of those where 2012 could be make or break for them.
We all would love to think that we are expert recovery stock pickers, in truth we are not.
Time will tell if today’s purchase at 10.95p turns out to be shrewd, or foolish!

Second purchase was Pennon (PNN). I’m already a holder but I took the opportunity to buy in again today at 693p.

Finally came Tesco (TSCO). Again, I’m already a holder of Tesco, but the recent fall in share price was too tempting to ignore. People will always have to eat (unless scientists invent a daily pill that will give us all the calories, vitamins and nutrients we need). Bought today at 330.0340p.