2012 Share Tips and some dividend re-investing

2012 Share Tips

This is the time of year when the financial magazines (Investors Chronicle, Shares etc.), brokers, newspapers and share tipsters suggest what shares we should all be buying for 2012.

You can trawl through the various newspapers, magazines and websites to find these 2012 share tips, or you can keep an eye on the 2012 share tips section of the ShareTips365 website. It’s being updated regularly as these 2012 share tips are announced.

Today’s Share Purchases

RSA Insurance (RSA)

A dividend payment from Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) hit my trading account this morning and this was used to buy more RSA Insurance shares. The average buying price was reduced very slightly, but this wasn’t the reason for buying more shares in RSA. The main reason for the purchase was for the yield.

Co-op Bank 9.25% pref (CPBB)

Today’s Investors Chronicle magazine mentioned Co-op Bank 9.25% preference shares (CPBB) in an article called “The outlook for fixed income”.

The article quoted the yield as 7.95% (based on the current price of 116p), but I managed to buy in at 114.425p which means a yield of 8.09%. So into the High Yield Portfolio they went.

Man Group

The last bit of remaining cash in my dealing account was used to purchase more Man Group (EMG) shares129.25 reducing my average buying price from 147.6p to 139.44p


3 Replies to “2012 Share Tips and some dividend re-investing”

  1. Well done, I also have CWS Prefs. One to look at for exposure to Asia is Henderson Far East Income (HFEL)- 6% dividend and rising and the important thing is that it only invests in companies in the ASian region and not in companies dependent on exports to Europe USA etc.

  2. Why have the Co-Op 9.25% 2021 pref shares crashed fro a stable price of around 110 to 102/103 ?

    Can not find a reason anywhere !


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