Sound the fanfare, I’ve sold some shares!

Ever since I started on my journey as the Amateur Investor I’ve been building up my share and fund holdings. Some shares and funds have been bought for the income they produce, some shares and funds have been bought for growth, and some shares purchases have been a complete punt.

Whatever the reason, buy has been followed by buy. Not a sale in sight…

… until today that is!

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Nearly 5 months in, how am I doing?

It’s now nearly 5 months since I took on the role of Amateur Investor. In that time I have made hundreds of share purchase transactions, drip-feeding money into the markets as the media feeds us a daily meal of economic doom and gloom.

As we stumble from one economic crisis to another I decided to take stock and see how my purchases had faired.

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4 shares and a fund purchase

It’s nearly the end of 2011 and the 2012 share tips are coming thick and fast. I am keeping an eye out for shares to buy for 2012 but, in the meantime, a few small purchases today.

Biome Technologies (BIOM)

Biome shares were tipped in Shares magazine yesterday (22/12) at 0.15p – talk about a penny share!

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Another day, another couple of dividends

Today it was the turn of iShares to provide the, hopefully soon to be daily, dividend income. The two dividends received today were from iShares FTSE UK Dividend Plus (IUKD) and iShares FTSE 100 (ISF) which paid 9.09p and 3.96p per share respectively.

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2012 Share Tips and some dividend re-investing

2012 Share Tips

This is the time of year when the financial magazines (Investors Chronicle, Shares etc.), brokers, newspapers and share tipsters suggest what shares we should all be buying for 2012.

You can trawl through the various newspapers, magazines and websites to find these 2012 share tips, or you can keep an eye on the 2012 share tips section of the ShareTips365 website. It’s being updated regularly as these 2012 share tips are announced.

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A new addition to the High Yield Portfolio, and shares going ex-dividend next week (14th December)

A few dividend payments turned up in my dealing account today from Stobart Group, BSKYB, Balfour Beatty and Barclays.

I decided to put the dividends into a new addition to the High Yield Portfolio, MedicX Fund (MXF).

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Would you like to take your dividend investing to the next level?

Regular readers will know about my passion for dividend investing.

Those little (or not so little) bits of money that keep being deposited into my share dealing account by kind and generous companies I own shares in.

I like to keep you all informed of up coming ex-dividend dates, but that’s about as far as I go.

For those of you with an interest in dividend investing, a new service I have been trialling might be of interest to you.

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