I should take my own advice sometimes

A couple of days ago I wrote that I wish I’d put more money into Thomas Cook.

In the post I noted that my two purchases were showing VERY healthy gains as a result of buying on bad news and watching the share price rise on news that Thomas Cook had reached an agreement with its bankers.

I said I was tempted to lock in some of these profits with the share price sitting at a shade under 21.5p.

Well I should have done just that… right?

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Put your life savings into Thomas Cook shares…

… at least that’s what I wish I’d done last week.

As the news hit about potential problems at Thomas Cook (TCG) last week the shares went into freefall. As I wrote here, I made two purchases on the day, the first at 18.83p and the second at 11p.

Oh how I wish that second purchase had been bigger!

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Re-investing yesterday’s RSA dividend

As I said yesterday, I was keen to reinvest the incoming RSA Insurance dividend as soon as possible, and I decided to reinvest it straight back into RSA shares, picking up some at 102.21p – reducing my overall average buying price for RSA shares very slightly (about 0.5p)

That’s it for this week. See you on the other side of the weekend.

United Utilities and some more dividend income

I bought into United Utilities earlier this week for the yield. And today I increased that holding with a further purchase at 603.33p bringing muy average buying price down from 617p to 604.7p

I’m keen to buy more United Utilities shares, and will be watching the share price closely with a view to further purchases around the 540p level.

RSA Insurance Dividend

A nice dividend from RSA appeared in my trading account today. I’ll be looking to invest it tomorrow.

Ex Dividend Dates

Don’t forget, if you’re interested in investing in shares for dividend income, a list of up-coming ex dividend dates is regularly updated on the Amateur Investor website.

Anyway, that’s enough about property investing, back to the plot.

Earlier I posted about a visit I’d made today to see a property for sale in Avebury, Wiltshire. Well after that brief departure from the task in hand, back to being an Amateur Investor.

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook (TCG) shares have had a torrid day. I just hope none of you are big holders of their shares at the moment.

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