Hansteen Holdings

Just one small purchase today.

Hansteen Holdings (HSTN) is in the real estate investment trusts sector and is going ex-dividend on Wednesday (26th October) paying a 1.6p dividend on 24th November.

Forecast profit for 2012 is £34.82m and forecast yield is 5.6% (up from 5.0% for 2011)

I purchased today at an average buying price of 76.9p

More income please

The “Gamble of the week” in MoneyWeek prompted my first purchase today of Symphony Environmental Technologies and it was a MoneyWeek article which also influenced my final purchase of the week, Artemis Global Income Fund.


In the “Personal view” article this week, professional investor Jacob de Tusch-Lec, manager of the Artemis Global Income Fund, tells MoneyWeek where he’d put his money now.

According to the article only 13 of the world’s top yielding stocks are based in Britain.

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A quick look at what’s going ex-dividend this week

As you may know, a new page was added to Amateur Investor recently to bring you details of shares going ex-dividend.

The ex-dividend date is important as it’s the first day a stock trades without the dividend attached. So if you want to receive the latest dividend then you need to buy shares before the ex-diviend date.

A quick look down the list of shares going ex-dividend on Wednesday resulted in the first share purchase this week…

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Bond Funds

The current issue of Investors Chronicle magazine (7 October 2011 to 13 October 2011) has a article called “Backing the right bond fund” in the Funds section. Following this article is an analysis of the following four bond funds:

  • Fidelity Strategic Bond Fund (GB00B05NC964)
  • M&G Optimal Income A Inc (GB00B1H05049)
  • Standard Life AAA Income R Inc (GB0006573108)
  • Kames High Yield A Inc (SEOPAI)