A Few Friday Share Purchases

I used some dividend income again today to purchase some “free” shares (you know how much I LOVE free shares)…

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Share Perks

Some shares offer perks to shareholders. Things like money off vouchers and free samples to people attending an AGM.

I’m going to try to compile an up-to-date list of share perks currently on offer. Does anyone have any information that may be useful in the regard?

Please post a comment if you have.

For starters:

The Restaurant Group mail out a sheet of “25% off total bill” vouchers with their annual report. I think the minimum share holding is just one share, and this perk is available if you hold your Restaurant Group shares in a nominee account.

Investors Chronicle Share Tips

Today’s Investors Chronicle magazine leads with “FTSE350’s Super Fit Shares – Financially sound havens for your money”. Other headlines include “Where to go for secure income and the chance of a windfall”, “Stock Screen – Cash-rich comforters” and “Diversify with currency funds”

News and share tips this week include:

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